CAA: Ten 'til Tip

By David Scott - March 04, 2007

RICHMOND - This will clearly be a VCU crowd as their campus is just minutes away, so it will be key for Drexel to keep the Ram faithful out of the game.

Whichever team wins today should be assured of an NCAA bid, but the conventional wisdom has the game being of more import to Drexel, who depsite 13 road wins and some key non-conference wins, is still considered a "maybe" for an at-large bid. That's crazy in our minds, but we do tend to bleed a bit of blue and gold every now and then. (The Drexel coaching staff has various members that we have known for the better part of our adult lives.)

. . .We're going to go with the Dragons in this one - probably by about five points and the difference in the end will be Frank Elegar's presence. Elegar played a tremendous first half on Saturday against Northeastern and if he repeates that performance, the Dragons dance on to Monday night.

. . . How about our guy Jerry Palm already getting knee deep in the MVC title tilt. Some nice color from Palm as he described the welcome that the CBS broadcast time received in the arena.

. . . Bruiser Flint's 23 wins are the most of his 11-year head coaching career.

. . . Still no sign of Pav the Dry Eras magician. He's probably finishing up his pre-game rituals which likely includes beer and wings. We're not hating, we're just saying.

. . . It's a rampant trend for leagues and schools to have their own label of bottles water available for drinking. The CAA is no different and we're currently sipping from the 16.9 ounce CAA Basketball bottle of "Natural Spring Water" distributed by Diamond Springs Water, Inc. in Richmond. This is no mid-major water, we assure you.

. . . We are, however, contemplating another big cup of Dr. Pepper after the two great games it provided last night. Superstitious? You bet.

Posted by David Scott at 02:40 PM on March 04, 2007

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