CAA: Twenty 'Til Tip

By David Scott - March 05, 2007

RICHMOND - The Coliseum is starting to fill up and we've had a rare Ronald McDonald sighting. We can not figure out why Ronald is here and we have no idea if the Hamburglar is expected to show, but we're keeping close tabs on our burgers regardless.

. . . VCU is 24-14 all-time against George Mason and the Rams have won both meetings this season and eight of the past 11.

The Rams are in the title game for the fourth time in the past six years and teh fifth time overall.

. . . Our guy, Pav, the Dry Erase board message maker has arrived at his seat behind the Hang Time perch. No message just yet, but he looks quite focused.

. . . VCU entered the arena again for lay-up lines with 24 minutes remaining on the pre-game clock and the fans went gaga for their Rams.

. . . VCU is in its home whites while Mason is going with the yellow unis again.

. . .Looks like Duke Edsall will be on the ref crew again - Edsall has heard his share of catcalls all weekend from the Coliseum crowd.

Posted by David Scott at 06:27 PM on March 05, 2007

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