CAA: Underway at the Coliseum

By David Scott - March 04, 2007

RICHMOND - TJ Gwynn just came over to he the VCU fan section behind the Hang Time perch and began clapping loudly to get the fans into the contest. Nice effort.

Jesse Pellot-Rosa is in the starting line-up.

. . . Pav has arrived and his buddy next to him has large ram's horn, or as some in our audience may be more familiar with, a "Shofar."

. . . The VCU dance and cheer teams are clearly the class of the CAA. We deem it so. The black spandex gets us every time

. . . No Dr. Pepper for us, we've discovered a secret stash of iced tea, provided by the media catering lady, Michelle. She also turned us onto the "pretezel rolls" that we used to make our pre-game turkey sangwich. What a delicious roll that was. No salt, but all the wonderful taste of a soft pretzel.

Posted by David Scott at 02:52 PM on March 04, 2007
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Well done, not many people know what a shofar is. I'm impressed. Can I ask if you are jewish?

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