CAA: Underway in the Night Session

By David Scott - March 03, 2007

RICHMOND - ODU has come out quick, building an early 8-0 lead before the game was three minutes old.

It now stands at 11-4 at the first media timeout of the game, with 15:25 left in the half.

. . . As you'd expect, it's a pro-ODU crowd for the early match-up, however a lot of the fence-sitters (or those with no rooting interest at all) are pulling for the Tigers to spring the upset.

. . . The Towson pep band is indeed classic. The four tuba players did a pre-game jump-around to the song "Jump Around." You haven't lived until you've seen tuba players jump around. Jump around. Jump up. . .

. . . Our guy, "Pav" The Dry-Erase Board writer is back for the night session, so we'll keep you abreast of what he's penning. So far, he's come up with, "Gary Neal Made My Baby." We actually just took a canera shot of Pav with our cellphone and if the technology allows it, we'll be sharing a Pav photo with you in the coming entries. Stay tuned.

The best part of Pav - and there are many - could very well be when he erases the Dry-Erase board with his belly. Since he's using several colored markers, he has sort of this blueberry pie stain cooking on the round mound of erasure.

. . . Managed to procure some very tasty biscuits from the media dining spread and we're combining them with a frosty Dr. Pepper. We tell you this because we're not big soda drinkers and we can't be held accountable for what the doctor does to s.

Posted by David Scott at 05:58 PM on March 03, 2007

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