Chicago: The platinum sombrero

By Jerry Palm - March 16, 2007

In baseball, if you get the platinum sombrero means you struck out five times in the game. UNLV had a possession like that where the Rebs missed five three pointers before Tech was able to corral the rebound. Joe Darger missed three of them.

Tech can't hit from anywhere on any possession. The Jackets are only 4-14 from the floor and they are starting to get frustrated as they trail by 11. The fans are too. Some of the Southern Gentlemen behind me using some ungentlemanly language to express their frustration with the refs, the players, and the lack of a beer vendor. Especially after the play before the break, when Alade Aminu (another great name) was called for a foul on what looked from here like a pretty clean block.

Posted by Jerry Palm at 12:59 PM on March 16, 2007

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