Columbus: Potent Quotables

By - March 16, 2007

Some highlights from the afternoon session's post-game press conferences:

  • "All week we were excited for this matchup. It's the first time J.R. [Reynolds] and I have ever been to the tournament and we wanted to fill our team with energy and we did that. We knew they had a great player in [Jamar] Wilson but our whole team was better than their whole team today." --Virginia point guard Sean Singletary on how several major media outlets picked Albany to upset the Cavs

  • "No, we definitely weren't overconfident. We watched an awful lot of film on Virginia and have a tremendous amount of respect for them as a team and as a program. The one thing we try to do with our program is keep our guys as loose as possible. We want them to enjoy it. We want them to have fun. I think the last couple of days, everybody started picking Albany as the upset in the South Region over Virginia. And our kids are smart kids, they're in the hotel watching ESPN, watching all these shows, and I think they started thinking and put some pressure on themselves. And when we got down big early, I think they panicked a little bit. I think that's natural with young kids. But we were the 13 seed and we wanted to win in advance -- but we ran into a buzz-saw today." --Albany coach Will Brown on his team's confidence entering the game

  • "I looked at the shot clock and I actually wanted to take the violation. I thought we'd had a shot clock violation had we not shot it by some tenths of a second. In fact, the official was standing right next to me and I yelled, 'Take the shot clock violation!' [But] one of Long Beach's players started to come over and defend a little bit so Tanner kind of dribbled it and shot it. I'm not at all critical of Tanner. I'm actually glad a walk-on, a non-scholarship player, got in the books. But in that situation, the last thing you're looking to do is add to the margin." --Tennessee coach Bruce Pearl on Tanner Wild's bank three-pointer to close the scoring

  • "Chris [Lofton] is a good player. They run a lot of screens for him, he runs off a lot of screens and it's kind of hard to get through all those screens. We tried switching, we tried everything. I mean, he's a great player. You've got to tip your hats off to Tennessee and him." --Long Beach State guard Aaron Nixon on Tennessee's Chris Lofton

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