Final Four: A who's who red-eye flight

By Eric Sorenson - March 30, 2007

Just got here to the Georgia Dome. Man this place is big. Man this place is too big for a basketball game. I've got friends that will be sitting in section 346 for tomorrow's games. It's hard to describe how nose-bleed that is. It's the third/top tier of seats in the stadium. iv'e warned him to go ahead and bring his binoculars with him. And some gauze plugs to stick up his nose when the blood flows.

On the red-eye flight from Los Angeles, I was joined by L.A. luminaries like radio personalities Steve Hartman and Vick "The Brick" Jacobs. Vick was in his usual Molly Hatchet-length hair and bucket hat. Feelin' YOU!

Also sat near the dignitary of L.A. sports television: CBS 2's Jim Hill. That guy is pure class, through and through, dressed in his usual double-breasted suit. Just sharp, man. I remember that guy when he was doing college football studio work for ABC's national telecasts in 1987... I swear the dude hasn't aged a freakin' second since then!

Practices are about to start here. They'll have press conferences for each team today as well. I personally am hoping for a "Big Country" Reeves type of thing where someone crashes a backboard with a dunk in practice. $10 bonus for those of you who remember that..

Posted by Eric Sorenson at 11:45 AM on March 30, 2007

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