Final Four: Behind the Scenes with CSTV

By David Scott - March 30, 2007

The Hoops Odyssey guys are in the house and the legend of the HO guys grows by the minute, hour and day. Matt and Jake finished up their first Starbucks coffees of the day just in time to be energized for a live shot with the CSTV crew including Greg Amsinger, Steve Lappas and Seth Greenberg. From all accounts they did a fabulous job in re-telling some of the highlights of the 100 day/103 game (and counting) journey.

I have to say the Dynamic Duo is looking a lot perkier and more fresh than this time last week when we shared some time in East Rutherford. They see the light at the end of the tunnel and they are energized by it for sure. Not to mention the Goose Bumps that we're all getting from being on-site at the Final Four.

. . . As Jamie Dixon waited for the duo to be done for his live shot on CSTV, his two young children, Jack and Shannon played some old-school WWF wrestling, followed by Jack (5 years old in June) giving his little sister, 3, a horsie ride on the blue carpet of the CSTV holding pen. Jack refused to give us the next ride, which we found to be a bit selfish.

. . . Crack CSTV research man, Steve Brauntuch was keeping the hosts honest on facts and was at the ready with any number of media guides and game notes. I need a Steve.

. . . HO guy, Jake has aodpted the Roy Hibbert look and theory on hair giving him strength as he has gone unshaven for the journey. Where Hibbert is still having trouble growing his beard, Jake has a robust red scruff kicking. Hibbert's 'fro, however, is much poofier than the Osterhout 'do.

. . . CSTV poobah and overall nice guy, Tim Pernetti stopped by the Hang Time perch to encourage our writing endeavors and let us know how happy he is with our efforts. (Okay, he might not have said those exact words, but I sensed them, nonetheless.)

. . . Hang Time's arch enemy, JJ Jumper, the lame NCAA Mascot is jumping around the building.

We have ways of dealing with mascots like him.

You've been warned, JJ.




Posted by David Scott at 02:48 PM on March 30, 2007

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