Final Four: Coachapalooza

By David Scott - March 29, 2007

Welcome to the lobby of the Atlanta downtown Hilton where we have re-convened in a hidden nook off the main entrance. We are awaiting the arrival of our special guest Coach's Lobby Color Commentator, who was napping to better prepare for his rigorous duties.

He will not be happy when he learns his Miller Lite is warm.

. . . For those of you who have never been to a Final Four, much less the Coaches' Hotel, here's the scene in a nutshell:

Tall men, short men, thin men, hefty men - all wearing scool colors and gear, most of them in sweats and sneakers. The men mingle, shake hands, laugh and generally mill about. On-court enemies become in-lobby friends and in-lobby friends lobby for better jobs with bigger programs. You've got to remember, this is the National Association of Basketball Coaches annual convention as well, so there are all levels of basketball coaches in the mix.

We have enough trouble identifying DI coaches, so forgive us if we can't quite pick out the DII and DIII coaches in the crowd.

. . . John Thompson Jr., whose son JTIII will be leading his Hoyas against Ohio State on Saturday, just entered the "Le Cafe" in the Hilton with his other son, Ronny (the Ball State coach and they are sitting down for a quiet late-afternoon meal. Big John is in a Georgetown warm-up suit.

. . . Ex-Iona coach, Jeff Ruland just checked in from a nearby golf course and we're scheduled to meet the Big Man in the 6 p.m. hour and then perhaps join him for dinner

. . .Our special guest analyst is on his way from his nap. He won;t be happy that not only is his beer warm, but we've eaten all the peanuts that came in our Welcome to Atlanta bag.

Posted by David Scott at 04:56 PM on March 29, 2007

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