Final Four: Done at the dome

By Jerry Palm - March 30, 2007

Florida finished early, so we're all done for the day. I still have a few random thoughts lingering in my brain and they must be removed.

The floor here is treacherous. Not the playing surface - that looks OK - the floor that we're all walking on around the playing surface and back in the media area. There's random soft spots and edges that, for a balance-challenged person like myself, will probably result in a blown knee or ankle or, God forbid, a pulled groin. I was following CSTV's Steve Lappas down the hall and one of those edges almost sent him on his ear. Fortunately, being the well-conditioned athlete that he is, he stayed on his feet.

The snack table spread was pretty nice today. We had all varieties of chips and pretzels, pop, and cookies as big as your head. Well, my head anyway. I've never seen your head.

In the locker room, while the media was fawning over Noah, Horford, Green and Brewer, the backups sat around in various states of boredom. A couple of them were back in a corner battling a Sudoku puzzle.

That's in for now. Tonight, we may see if we can crash the CBS party.

Posted by Jerry Palm at 04:21 PM on March 30, 2007

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