Final Four: Fan-atacism

By - March 30, 2007

A silver-haired Florida fanatic no less than 300 pounds with an obvious joie de vivre and a mustache as thick as his Southern drawl has made his way to the front row behind the press tables, shouting encouragement and waving a ratty orange handkerchief at the Florida players who have been on the floor for practice during the past half hour. Brief exclamations soon gave way to a colorful if not particularly funny array one-and-a-half-liners that seem pretty much the opposite of spontaneous. These are the moments that I don't even bother trying to share with my friends and family when I return home from a basketball trip since James Agee wouldn't have the words to do the picture justice:

That California dreaming's gonna be a nightmare when the Gators get to them!

"I got one thing to say and I'm going to say it: If you're not a Gator, baby -- you're Gator bait!

UCLA: That stands for University of California Loses Again! (To which an eye-rolling teenage girl across the section commented: "You already said that!")

Quick postscript: One moment after finishing the above post, no less than three members of the press have circled around the guy for a quick interview. Don't be surprised to read about the latter-day Bill Swerski in tomorrow's early editions.

Posted by at 03:49 PM on March 30, 2007

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