Final Four: Florida dialing long-distance, but no connection

By Jerry Palm - March 31, 2007

Florida trails 6-5 at the second time out and is still shooting nothing but threes. They are 1-7 from the floor, and all seven shots are from long range. At some point, the Gators are going to have to start looking inside, because this ain't working. A couple of possessions ago, Green got to the hole for a layup, but it was waved off for a charge. It looked like the UCLA player was under the basket, which is a call I don't like. When I reffed, we were taught not to call charges too deep.

At least the Gators will be in the bonus the rest of the half.

Al the Gator mascot is sitting on the floor, head in paw, looking bored. I can only assume his eyeholes are plugged, because the veela are on the floor.

(For those who don't know what veela are are, click here)

Posted by Jerry Palm at 09:13 PM on March 31, 2007

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