Final Four: Getting ready for game 2

By Jerry Palm - March 31, 2007

Eric and I have found spots at a table by the floor, so until they throw us out, we'll be down by the Florida bench and band. We're also sitting right next to the emergency, back up trainer for the NCAA. Her day job is at Georgia Tech. She is equipped to deal with any blood emergencies. I wonder if I should show her my elbow. I went head first into my chair once in the first half and scraped my elbow.

The Gator band is jammin' and the OSU band is dancing their way past and out of the gym. When I came out of the media area over to our seat, I walked past the band and almost got cold-cocked by a trombone slide. You would think an old band jock like me would know better.

Both teams are on the floor warming up. The Gators are in home whites and orange warm up tops, which I don't think I've seen before.

In the first half, they will shoot at the end of the floor where the UCLA cheerleaders/veela are, so if they only hit about 5% of their shots, you'll know why.

While roaming around at halftime of the first game, I saw the Hoya mascot walking around without his head on. Well, the mascot head. The kid's head was still in place. He looked like he had spent an hour wrapped in a wool blanked. Maybe that's because he had.

We're less than ten minutes to the tip.

Posted by Jerry Palm at 08:35 PM on March 31, 2007

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