Final Four: Hang Time Perch in the Sky

By David Scott - March 31, 2007

As the largest slacker of your dutiful correspondents here in Atlanta, I am just arriving in the Dome and have settled into the Hang Time perch high above courtside. We might need to emphasize "high above" courtside becuase we're apporximately 53 miles from courtside in an area known as the Upper Press Box. The good news is we have TV monitors above our heads, the bad news is those monitors offer us our best view of the action.

Despite our live-blogging disadvantage, we're still here to provide you the color and pageantry of the games and the dominate color in front of our perch is Red, as in Ohio State red. In fact, in our roamings around Centennial Park and Hoops City (the interactive fan event that has grown exponentially in recent years) the majority of fans we ran into were Ohio State boosters. It's become clear that the two best travelling programs in Atlanta are OSU and Florida.

. . . Between the time we last left you from the NABC All-Star dud last night and now we have: rubbed elbows with Tony Romo and Hannah Storm and we've also been reunited with our dear friend from Buffalo, Pabst Blue Ribbon in a can. In fact, the mothership (CBS's) fantastic party last night had numerous highlights but the absolute finest moment came when we went to order a final round of Bud Light and Heinekens and were told that "all we have left is PBR in a can." I must have yelped because the poor barkeep was taken aback when I screamed for six pack.

Better yet, the walk back to the Hang Time balcony perch was like the walk of a conquering hero. "Hey, look at the guys with all the PBR." I was famous for one shining moment. And the prominent East Coast coach who grabbed one of the six is forever indebted to us.

. . . Game officials for tonight are TV Teddy Valentine, Richard Cartmell, Mike Kitts and the standby official Tom Lopes. We have to hoep that TV doesn't try and take over the game early and put one or both of the big men (Roy Hibbert and Greg Oden) on the bench with two quick fouls.

Valentine has a propensity for getting his mug on national TV games.

. . . Starting line-ups look like this:

For Georgetown, Jonathan Wallace, Jessie Sapp, Roy Hibbert, DaJaun Summers and Jeff Green

For Ohio State, Mike Conley, Jr. Ron Lewis, Jamar Butler, Greg Oden and Ivan Harris.

The total is three freshmen (Summers, Conley and Oden), one sophomore (Sapp), four juniors (Wallace, Hibbert, Green and Butler) and two seniors (Lewis and Harris).

Posted by David Scott at 05:44 PM on March 31, 2007

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