Final Four: Hoya Practice Continues

By David Scott - March 30, 2007

The Hoyas continue to go through the paces of what can best be termed a light workout.

Mothership announce team, Jim Nantz and Billy Packer are being debriefed by the Goergetown Sports Information staff (Bill Shapland and Mike "Mex" Carey). Braodcaster Jim Gray is also in the house, and we believe he's on the national radio broadcast in some fashion.

Basketball Bob Ryan of the Boston Globe did a quick Packer interview courtside as well.

. . . Hoya big men are now working out at one side of the court and the little men are at the other. With 30 minutes left in the session, they switched sides to get a feel for both rims and sight lines.

JTIII iswatching the proceedings from midcourt while assistants orchestrate the shooting drills.

. . . Tyler Crawford appears to be the sweatiest Hoya at this end of the floor.

. . . We'd like to give you a re-cap of the Calipari/Flint dinner from last night (held at an excellent local Italian joint on No. Highland, Il Localino) but Calipari swore us to secrecy on the night's events.

The one thing we can tell you is that a former Cal assistant got a full tray of odd-smelling beverages dumped on his dress shirt. Fortunately it was a good-natured former assistant and not one of his current guys like the ornery John Robic who was three minutes shy of going in the kitchen to prepare his own meal when the food service was delayed because of the large number in the Cal/Flint party.

Posted by David Scott at 12:29 PM on March 30, 2007

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