Final Four: JTIII Rolls the Dice

By David Scott - March 31, 2007

JTIII didn't want things to get too far out of reach and he re-inserted Hibbert in the 12 minute area. With the Hoyas trailing 42-36, HIbbert's first possession resulted in a dunk and foul where he missed the free throw. It's 42-38 with 11:30 left in the game.

Thompson had to do a similar thing last week and when asked about it after the game he saidc it was a "feel thing" nad he had no hard and fast rule on when to put players in foul trouble back into games. We like that. A lot.

. . . A special treat for all you 'Toon fans after the jump, as Hang Time offers up another in our long line of crappy cell phone pictures for your viewing pleasure. And your childrens'.


We asked Bugs Bunny to give us a High Four, for the Final Four and B-Squared quickly realized he only has three fingers on each hand, so he went with a 3 plus one configuration.

Bugs never disappoints. Love that Bunny.

Posted by David Scott at 07:29 PM on March 31, 2007

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