Final Four: Karl Will (Not) be the MVP

By David Scott - March 30, 2007

In some breaking news provided by ace reporter, Jacon Osterhout, we have learned that Coby Karl will be named the game's Most Outstanding Player.

UPDATE: Our information was poor and there were actually two MVPs (one from each side) and neither is Karl. The MVPs were Winthrop's Torrell Martin and Xavier's Justin Doellman.

The final score is the 'Nagas 128 and the Bradys 100.

. . . The HO Guys are hanging with Lute right now. Those three would be able to attract the ladies, for sure.

Olson, according to Matt (my new HO source after the misinfo perpetrated by Jake) was asked to sign two different pieces of parquet by one "fan." The first one was signed with Lute's name and National Champs, the second with coach's name and Hall of Fame. Matt asked what the deal was. "Ebay," Olson said.

. . . Warrick Dunn was in the building but he was even too elusive for the HO Guys.

. . . The game's high scorer was Coby Karl with 22 points while Rashad Jennings had 12 points and 11 rebounds and was perfect form the field (5 of 5).

The Bradys high-scorer was Justin Doellman with 20 (7 of 8 from the field).

. . . The announced attendance was 3,975 and is one of the more creative attendance figures we've seen in recent memory.

. . . We chatted briefly with Larranaga after the game and he picked Florida to win the second game tomorrow night but hedged on the first game. He also said that last year at this time he was an Outback Steakhouse with his team in Indy. "I'll be honest, I'd rather be coaching tomorrow night than tonight," he said. "But this was great and my staff did a great job getting the team ready in just two days of practice."

Larranaga just arrived in town today, he said.

. . . Good night and we'll be back with you tomorrow afternoon.

Posted by David Scott at 09:33 PM on March 30, 2007

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