Final Four: Larranaga on His Game

By David Scott - March 30, 2007

Coach Larranaga is in mid-season form as he noticed that the score is wrong in the early going (his squad was up 4-2)

. . .There has also been some early clock issues. Brady said from in front of his bench to Larranaga: "I gotta go to dinner at 9:30, so we need to get things going here."

. . . The Hoops Odyssey guys are in the house with Jake to my left and Matt grabbing a front row seat behind the scorer's table.

. . . DiGiorno is the presenting sponsor but there's not a pizza (nor a cold drink) to be found in the media room.

. . . Larranaga is having a heck of a time. When Brady's American showed a full court press, Larranaga yelled at Brady, "No full court zone press, didn't you get the memo?"

. . . The game is tied 12-12 with 14:26 left in the half.

Posted by David Scott at 07:49 PM on March 30, 2007

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