Final Four: Lobby Lobs, Day 2, Part 2

By David Scott - March 30, 2007

Okay, TC is here and in fine fiddle after a restful night and a meal (which he was supposed ot have with us) at the nearby classic joint, R Thomas.

"I was just in the bar with the 800 win guy from Philly Textile," said TC. " Herb McGee."

Oh, you know his governement name? (Yesterday, TC claimed not to be too good with names, especially governmnet-issue names.)

"He's gonna be one the all-time winningest coach, I know those people's government names," TC said.

Now TC is on a roll. "That was Johnny Mathis - him and Tony Archibald are 'like this' to this day," he said.

. . . A soft rumor of Rick Majerus going to Iowa has been flowing, but that's a long shot at best. But since we're in the coaches' hotel, it's prefectly legal to rumor-monger. The lobby thrives on it.

. . . Steve Lappas (of CSTV) was seen huddling with his his agent, furthering the speculation that Coach Lappas might be leaving CSTV for a job in the near future.

. . . TC reports that Villanova assistant Ed Pinckney lost his cell phone in a cab. If you know any coaches, you know how devestating that can be. Pinckney looks like a lost puppy without the cell phone. TC, in his first ever quote delivery, "I'm done without that thing. Lost."

TC really has a knack for the quote gathering. We need to get him on payroll.

. . . Jerry Palm has returned from Radio Row. he smoothly transitioned back into a Miller Lite.

. . . The lobby is definitely hopping today, much more so than yesterday.

. . . The multi-colored SWAC cap that Chalrie Pierce wears - "It''s made more Final Fours than Wooden," said Dan Wetzel, who has just arrived (surprise, surprise, there's beer and Wetzel arrives) - has been at every Final Four, except last year's, since 1993. "It's stored in plastic all the rest of the year. never worn other than at the FF."

. . . "There's a lot of peopl here, but there ain't a whole lot of scuttlebutt," said TC.

Posted by David Scott at 06:15 PM on March 30, 2007

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