Final Four: Lobby Lobs, Day Two

By David Scott - March 30, 2007

Due to popular demand, we're back live-blogging in the Coaches' Hotel Lobby at the Hilton (where your Internet access is free if you're creative).

We're efforting to get Drexel assistant coach Tony Chiles back on live-blogging duties but if you recall from yesterday's session, this is right around Chiles nap time.

We're joined today by CSTV's own Bill Strickland (a former boss of mine who now is mucking things up with our beloved brand), Paul Wetzel (the famous father of Yahoo! national columnist) and the esteemed author and Boston Globe magazine writer (and quite insane fellow) Charlie Pierce, a Marquette alum who still thinks his team is nicknamed the Warriors. And will never believe otherwise.

. . . A text message has just informed us that guest blogger, Tony Chiles is en route. Let the fun re-begin.

. . . We're in a much less visible position this afternoon so it's harder to see the minglers in the front lobby.

. . . Our man, Jerry Palm has abandoned us to go do a radio interview. Big timer.

Posted by David Scott at 05:45 PM on March 30, 2007

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