Final Four: Lobby Lobs, Day Two, Final Entry

By David Scott - March 30, 2007

TC has spotted the "Hawaii dude who got forced out." Riley Wallace of course.

. . . Garland Mance, a former star at St. Bonaventure, is looking to be a front-runner for the Bonnies job, which has had no luck in luring a head coach. Mance is an assistant under Perry Watson at Detroit.

. . . When I informed TC that he was tlaking faster than I could type, he said, "That's the way I do it, you know."

. . . TC says he got a doggie bag for me from my favorite restaurant R Thomas. "But I had to wait 20 minutes for the cab and I ate the wings I was brinigng for you. They're just bones now in my garbage. I got some celery for you too."

The celery's gone too, I suppose.

"It was a long wait for the cab."

I'm starting to have a growing distaste for TC, despite a decade friendship.

. . . "I've got something for you, Bill Courtney, who is at Virginia now just walked by. he's the guy who recruited all the kids at George Mason who made the Final Four. Reaping the benefits."

. . . "See this not a good blog area - all the people trying to get bull-^#@* are up front," said TC, who is now all of the sudden a live-blog connisseur. "I just miss then pretzels and the table."

. . . The younger, less wise Wetzel, has brought up the fact that it was unfair of the Dome catering to provide Krispy Kreme donuts all afternoon long.

"The first time I resisted, the seocnd time I faked a take. By the third time, I was taking three at a time."

Join the club. And the best thing was the donuts had orange frosting and a replica brown frosting basketball on the top. How could we resist.

. . . "Another one for you," said TC. "That was Brian Bartley, who coached Randolph Morris (now of the NY Knicks) in high school."

TC's really on a roll now, unfortunately we have to head over to the NABC all star game, sponsored by DiGiorno, which is not delivery.

We've been told that one of the coaches, George Mason assistant Chris Caputo in the game (facing John Brady) is taking the game very seriously. Which we like, especially if a mid-major assistant beats a high major head coach.

Posted by David Scott at 06:41 PM on March 30, 2007

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