Final Four: Lobby Lobs, Part II

By David Scott - March 29, 2007

Our man, TC (Tony Chiles), is now starting to step up his game. He's overheard the shady gentleman in the Nike Airmax sneakers next to him trying to sell some tickets. He's discovered a closer bar to our perch than the one I had previously been using. And, he's on the verge of procuring where the annual Calipari/Flint Family Tree dinner will be held tonight. (It's our goal to sneak in on that for the sole purpose of watching the yearly battle between Cal and his former assistant, Bruiser, when the check comes. "They're all your guys, Bru." "No, they're all your guys, Cal." Cal usually winds up paying.)

To top it all off, TC has landed us some some soft pretzels. (Also being expensed, if the beancounters are reading.)

TC has now befriended the ticket scalper, Timmy's Buddy, who says the market is slow.

. . . "This is a good pretzel - not a Philly pretzel, but it's good," says TC. "You just missed Coach (Bill) Self going up to the fitnes center. There's the Kent State coach and the Buffalo coach - you know I'm not good with names."

Jim Christian and Reggie Witherspoon, respectively.

"See, you got the technology and I lead you in the right direction. At least I didn't call him Bill," TC says. "Karma's a mutha-f&*^$#, you know that."

No idea where that last comment came from, but it appears TC has spotted an arch coaching enemy.

"Just on the side of truth, Hang Time man."

. . . The ticket scalper crew (including Timmy) have overtaken my office space. They answer the cell phone, "Ticket Central." But they're complaining at how slow things are, which should be expected on the day before most people arrive.

Posted by David Scott at 05:48 PM on March 29, 2007

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