Final Four: Our Dedication Knows No Bounds

By David Scott - March 30, 2007

We were starting to feel bad about the $100 bar tab we ran up in our Coaches' Lobby foray this afternoon and then we got here and began live-blogging this game.

We now realize we still had about $300 worth of damage to do to make up for this event. It's not that there's not some good players - Xaveirs' Justin Doellman has been impressive - but there's no energy in the arena and the most interesting thing to happen is when Matt offered two side by side pictures of Alando Tucker and Tracy McGrady to prove his point that they're blood brothers.

They look nothing alike in reality. And Matt now realizes this, but I tried to soften the blow. "They both play hoops and wear red while doing so."

. . . For the record, the Larranagas are ahead of the Bradys by a halftime score of 58-46. We're not expecting halftime stats but if they come, we'll give you the deets.

. . . I learned a tough lesson this afternoon when I decided to introduce the HO guys to an official from the Big XII conference. Little did I know the Dynamic Duo had offended the gentleman earlier in their trip.

I now have a HO Rule that states: Meet your own damn people.

. . . For a second there, we thought Courtney Sims was going to start a fight on a rebound. Sadly, no such luck.

Posted by David Scott at 08:20 PM on March 30, 2007

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