Final Four: Randomnality

By David Scott - March 30, 2007

We're side-by-side with the Palm Reader at press row and the dueling banjo bloggers are feverishly attempting to inform and entertain.

Since I can do neither for you, I'll offer a few random thoughts on the Official Day Before The Day. . .

. . . Florida appeared to have the largest crowd at their open practice and we're still expecting the Gators to have the largest fan representation in Atlanta. As Gator SID Steve McLain pointe dout to us, there's a lot of Gator alum in the greater Atlanta area.

. . .One wiseacre near the Hang Time perch suggested that the Florida practice session crowd was larger than the SEC tournament crowd. We were here for that and the wiseacre is way off in his assessment. But his point is well-taken: the SEC Tournament did lose some oomph, especially when Kentucky got bounced.

. . . Some strong rumors that have filtered around the Dome today include one that has John Beilein in heavy consideration for the Michigam job. Beilein's buyout at WVU is quite hefty (believed to be int he $3 million range) and that's going to be a stumbling block. However, if Michigan is serious about getting him, that's chump change.

We haven't assembled the entire Hall of Fame class that will be announced on Monday morning, but we're fairly confident that Dick Vitale will NOT be among the Class of 2007. We're also relatively comforatbel in sharing that Bobby Hurley, Sr. is not getting the nod. The three entrants were 99 percent sure on are Phil Jackson, Chris Mullin and the 1966 Texas Western team.

. . . We've lost track of the HO Guys (not our turn to watch them), but we're fairly confident they're off creating mischief somewhere. Our fondness for those guys grows by leaps and bounds with each passing blog entry they provide and each pasisng conversation we have with the pair.

. . . Billy Packer is resplendent in his yellow sweater.

No, really he is.

. . . Clark Kellogg is in the house and he looked like he had good spurtability for the weekend of work he's undertaking. His tablemate and CSTV compadre, Seth Davis is also roaming the courtside area. It's always nice when Seth acknowledges us live-blogger types. Gives us Goose Bumps.

. . . Final Four Friday has officially ended and the Gators, according to's Florida correspondent, Jerry Palm, left four minutes of court time on the clock. The Live Bloggers contemplated taking the floor to wow the crowd, but none of us had our New Blanace mud slinging sneakers with us.

. . .

Posted by David Scott at 03:59 PM on March 30, 2007

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