Final Four: Sayonara from the Dome (Until Saturday)

By - March 30, 2007

While my Hang Time comrades appear to be having all sorts of fun around the ATL, your faithful narrator will be the ninth-to-last reporter to leave the Georgia Dome when I finish this post. Spent the last four hours working on a couple pieces in the media work area -- among them a Final Exam with a Final Four bend which should go live on in the next hour. If being a good test-taker and bragging about it is your thing then give it a shot.

Since periphery noise doesn't stand a chance at being noticed while I'm writing, I've only just taken note of the happenings in the upper reaches of the venue. Anywhere between two and three dozen stadium workers have been placing white squares -- they look like seat cushions with Final Four logos but that's a long way to look up -- on every last seat in the upper deck. They appear to be having as much fun as a group can have performing such a menial task, chirping away while tossing around the boxes to one another. Maybe they'll hit the lower level later but I won't know until tomorrow because I'm out like slap bracelets in '88. Until tomorrow!

Posted by at 08:45 PM on March 30, 2007

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