Final Four: Security! Come Quick

By David Scott - March 31, 2007

Just so there's no question about who initiated the removal of our courtside bloggers, we have just alerted the authorities to the Press Row Squatting being conducted by Palm and Sorenson (or as they will soon be known, Bucth and Sundance).

Here we are - Bryan Graham and yours truly - law abiding citizens obeying the NCAA's misguided and antiquated seating assignment policy and Butch and Sundance are down there playing with mascots and ogling cheer squads.

As a man on the side of truth, I find it offensive and I'm trying to contact the Hoops Odyssey guys to capture the expulsion and imprisonment on tape. I hear the Georgia Dome prison makes Sing Sing look like doggy daycare.

Worse yet, the Dastardly Duo is not too far from rapper, Ludacris (who performed a free concert earlier today at Centennial Park) and they're probably getting all sorts of jiggy with him and planning on hanging with Lud (or is it 'Acris?) well into the wee hours of Sunday.

. . . An no, I won't return the favor and bring you guys soda and snacks at half. Maybe one of your cheerleader friends can feed your seat-stealing mouths.

. . . I kid, I jest, I need a nap.

Posted by David Scott at 09:17 PM on March 31, 2007

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