Final Four: Straw Stirring the Bradys

By David Scott - March 30, 2007

If I had to guess at the one surefire NBA player on the court, I'd go with DJ Strawberry, who has shown some fabulous flashes of his indiviidual skills. Cartier Martin also has some NBA skills in his tool box.

. . . Some stellar work by our roomie for the trip, Bryan Graham, who it appears will be one of the last ones to leave the Georgia Dome this evening. We were wondering where BG was hiding himself while we slave over the rigors of this live-blogging extravaganza. And now we know: he's been with the rest of the Krispy Kreme donuts in Dome.
The dedication of this staff is something I'm hoping you're appreciating.

. . . The 'Nagas are threatening to eclipse the 120 point mark as they lead 115-96 with 2:30 left in the game.

Posted by David Scott at 09:07 PM on March 30, 2007

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