Final Four: The Eagle Has Landed

By David Scott - March 29, 2007

ATLANTA - Hang Time is on the ground and in the Georgia Dome as we kick off our five-day live-blogging extravaganza from the 2007 Final Four.

We have secured our press credential which this year includes a picture of each bearer for the first time in Final Four history. (The practice is common at the Super Bowl.) This Hang Timer's picture would qualify as a "bad mug shot," and our hope is that it's the ONLY mugshot of the extended weekend.

We just wanted to check in and let you know that we're here and already working for you. We drove by the Coaches' Hotel on the way to the Media Hotel (the Hitlon and Marriott Marquis, respectively) and we've already espied Steve Alford (new of New Mexico), Al Skinner (BC), Dave Leitao (Virginia), Travis Ford (UMass) and Bobby Gonzalez (Seton Hall). That's five down and some 300-odd coaches left to ID.

We're going to head back to the Coaches' Hotel lobby where we expect to have a special guest as our Lobby Action analyst. To be sure, it's worth coming back to hear the hilarity of this prominent Northeast assistant coach.

. . . There's already word filtering out that despite the best efforts of Bobby Knight (and other high profile coaches) the candidacy of Dick Vitale for the Hall of Fame has been stymied again. We made our argument for Vitale's entrance when the nominations came out and we stand by those thoughts. But the pro-NBA Hall just doesn't appear ready to admit that Vitale has contributed to the game. Not sure on other Hall entrants, but the 1966 Texas Western Team is believed to be a lock for induction.

The official announcement comes on Monday morning at a Hall of Fame press conference which we will live blog (of course).
. . . Just a little bit more on coaching news before we get back on the shuttle: ESPN's Fran Fraschilla has reportedly taken himself out of consideration for South Florida and West Virginia's John Beilein is the current hot name for Michigan. The Iona search is just getting under way, now that the settlement has been reached with Jeff Ruland.

. . . For our Hangers-on in the Northeast region with Comcast as their cable provider, this Hang Timer will be a guest, live via satellite on CN8's 11 p.m. "Out of Bounds" show. We're trying to put off our first beer of the Final Four until AFTER that live hit, but the temptations are everywhere. Wish us luck.

Posted by David Scott at 03:27 PM on March 29, 2007

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