Meadowlands: All's Quiet on the Continental Front

By David Scott - March 22, 2007

The Continental Airlines Arena has been cleared, all teams have gone through their press conferences and open practices and the lone folks on press row are some CBS technicians and a couple of lowly blogger-types.

This might be an indication that it's time to go back to the "Hang Time" Hotel and brush up on our post-season media guides for use in tomorrow night's live-blogging which will begin in the 5:30 p.m. EST-area.

. . . Some worthwhile quotes we can share with you:

Georgetown's Jeremiah Rivers on the legacy of his dad, Celtics coach Glenn "Doc" Rivers:

"He has been a great resource for me. I have talked to him all week and he keeps telling me that Vanderbilt is dangerous and they have great shooters. I need to watch out for them. He is giving me coach stuff. He won't be able to make this game [the Celtics host Dallas this Friday night] but if we win he will be able to make Sunday's game."

USC's Chris Penrose on the impact of the late Ryan Francis's memory on the team:

"I think about him 30 times a day. We have his number on our jerseys and his mom, Paulette, is on the trip with us. She'll be here tomorrow. I've made it so when we go out on the court, we say, '1-2-3 Franchise' [Ryan's nickname] in memory of him. Whenever I'm at school or practice and I'm feeling down, I think about him and how he's not there. If he was here, he would do everything 100 percent and you can't slack off. You have to do everything just like Ryan would."

Vanderbilt's Dan Cage on being the 'underdog':

"It's always more fun to be the underdog. Georgetown has all the pressure on them. If we beat Georgetown, we're the heroes. So we're going to gho out and play loose and have fun."

. . . We leave you with that and urge you to enjoy tonight's live-blogging of the Thursday night games and then join us tomorrow night for Georgetown/Vanderbilt, followed by UNC/USC.

Posted by David Scott at 04:28 PM on March 22, 2007

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