Meadowlands: Stretching It Out

By David Scott - March 23, 2007

We're about an hour from tip and both the Hoyas and the Commodores are on the floor going through stretching and running drills and some light shooting.

The Hoyas are in blue shooting jerseys and sweat pants with their grey uniforms underneath. The 'Dores are in black shooting jerseys with white trim and black sweat pants with black uniforms underneath.

There are a few hundred early arrivers in the arena, including Matt Waxman, the second intrepid HO guy. Waxman has no Jake beard to speak of, but he does wear the look of a guy who has seen a full season of college hoops.

Now, at long last, the two Odyseers are on either side of me - I'm the buffer in between - and it's like sitting in between the Wright Brothers after their initial flight. These guys are pioneers and their aura reeks of having seen things. Things they can't speak of, but things that define what college hoops is all about.

Oh, and Waxman is a Red Sox fan, likie me, so we're already thicker than thieves. We even did the secret Red Sox nation handshake which probably scared Jake a bit.

. . . Tonight's officials are Richard E. Cartmell, Verne Harris, Randy McCall and standby Zelton D. Steed.

. . . The Georgetown band is tuning up while the Vandy band is already in fine fiddle and the Hoya cheer squad has just entered the arena.

Posted by David Scott at 06:52 PM on March 23, 2007

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