MVC: Dancing can be dangerous

By Jerry Palm - March 02, 2007

Like Lindsay found at the WCC tournament, the halftime entertainment here is the participating schools' dance teams (the Southern Illinois Saluki Shakers are the top seed in that category too, but I digress). At halftime of this game, the Wichita St dancers were performing when one appeared to land wrong and injure herself. The other performers kept going, almost oblivious to the crowd of people aiding their fallen partner. The show must go on, I guess. She was eventually carried off the floor by the medical staff.

Posted by Jerry Palm at 10:24 PM on March 02, 2007
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If it adds any light to his demeanor tonight, Waltman just confirmed he's getting fired.

Actually the dance team didn't even seem to be concerned for her as only one team member came over to see if she was okay after thier routine was over. It was quite disappointing to see that.

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