MVC: MSU has momentum

By Jerry Palm - March 02, 2007

The Bears have seized momentum - for the moment - with a 10-3 run that has them out to a seven point lead. Blake Ahearn finally hit a three from the deep corner to set them off, and Nathan BIlyeu hit one as well.

WSU is getting a little sloppy with the ball, and almost playing too fast. They get themselves in a bad spot, make a bad pass, and it goes the other way.

Right before the time out, Drew Richards was called for a foul when he just appeared to be standing straight up, and coach Hinson did the "oh, no" dance in front of the bench. I have to agree with him - it was a bad call, but you'll forgive me if I leave the dancing to him.

Still 7:53 to go, MSU leads 55-48

Posted by Jerry Palm at 10:53 PM on March 02, 2007

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