Pac-10: Don't Tell Stanford it's a Bubble Team

By Jason Owens - March 09, 2007

The Stanford press conference was one of the more depressing scenes I've been around in a while. Coming so close to a win that would have more than likely locked up an NCAA Tournament hurt and it showed.

Anthony Goods, who missed two free throws and had his last-second shot in regulation blocked barely answered reporters questions. Coach Trent Johnson spent much of the time exalting his team's resume and justifying why Stanford should get good news on Sunday. And he made some good points. They beat Virginia on the road. They beat UCLA, Oregon, USC, Arizona and both Washington schools. A number of their losses came with key players on the pine with injury. But his last point might be his most telling and damning.

"We had the opportunities to take it out of the judges' hands and we didn't do it," Johnson said. "So shame on us."

Posted by Jason Owens at 12:16 AM on March 09, 2007

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