Pac-10: No Love for SC

By Jason Owens - March 10, 2007

While there are plenty of USC supporters here, it's become increasingly clear to me over the last couple of days that USC is by far the most hated program in the Pac-10. Nothing gets as visceral a reaction as when anything USC -- fans, band members or karaoke singers (see earlier blog entries) -- is shown on the big board. It's very similar to the reaction Duke would get when I grew up watching and going to the ACC Tournament in Charlotte and Greensboro.

Something tells me the hatred has a lot more to do with Pete Carroll than Tim Floyd's hoops squad, but it translates well to a conference tourney environment.

Posted by Jason Owens at 12:05 AM on March 10, 2007
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That's just some good old fashion Pac-10 jealousy for you.

I agree, the hatred is not about men's hoops, it's about football. The other Pac-10 schools are tired of getting beat up by USC. Life's tough though...

Fight on!

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