Pac-10: Sharpshooters

By Jason Owens - March 09, 2007

I may be on my last leg, but suprisingly that has no bearing on the action on the court. Washington and Washington State are both playing solid efficient basketball halfway through the second half.

With both teams shooting at 50 percent or better and neither team turning the ball over more than 10 times, you'd think they haven't been playing basketball since noon. Oh wait -- they haven't -- not these teams at least.

So if you're wondering about the stat that counts, Washington State holds a 52-47 edge with about 10 minutes to go. The winner gets USC tomorrow in front of a very pro-USC crowd. The loser goes back to picking apples or drinking coffee -- whatever it is they do in Washington.

Posted by Jason Owens at 01:38 AM on March 09, 2007

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