Sacramento: Coffee Break

By Jason Owens - March 15, 2007

I've moved from drinking water all day to double-fisting it with coffee and water. It's that time of day that only those who have worked a 1-day, four-game basketball event understand. It's exciting, you're stoked to be doing what you're doing and getting paid for it, but at a certain point during the late session it starts to wear on you -- especially when the games are as uneventful as they are today.

But that's what coffee's for. Pump some artificial energy into your blood, bear down for the second half of a bad game and pray that the finale will be a thriller. With 7-seed Indiana facing 10-seed Gonzaga, it certainly has some potential.

That said, the second half of UCLA-Weber State just got underway. the Wildcats scored first. Maybe there's hope.

Posted by Jason Owens at 08:29 PM on March 15, 2007

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