SEC: Vandy In Front by a Few

By David Scott - March 09, 2007

We're coming down the stretch here and my OT prognostication skills are telling me this one will end in regulation as Vanderbilt has extended to a 57-52 lead with 7:17 left in the game.

Derrick Byars has been relatively quiet in the second half, with 15 points (10 in the first stanza), but Vandy is getting good contributions up and down the roster. Arkansas is as well with seven players notching four or more point to this point.

. . . My man, Neubie, Jean Neuberger has chimed in and recommended that I try the honey barbecue Golden Flakes chips, which I will promise to do before the night's over. He also informs me that the not-so-tiny dancer in the cutoffs is a man by the name of Bubba Hog and Arkansas fans either love him or hate him. I'm squarely on the dislike side of the fence - why ruin a nice flannel and a good pair of Levi's just for the sake of dancing around like a madman?

We're gonna let you all decide with this YouTube video of Bubba. Don't shoot the messenger when you cough up your Golden Flakes chips:

There, now you're as disgusted as we were. Hah!

Posted by David Scott at 05:42 PM on March 09, 2007
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I'll take him over the screaming kid that was right behind me earlier in the day! Good Lord - that kid kept screaming as the ball hit the rim. So he had bad timing in addition to annoying me!

Oh, I've been on the disgust fence for a lonnnnnnng time with Bubba Hog. I don't want that as a representative of my alma mater...the pom squad is a much better picture!

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