SEC: Big Baby in Da House!

By David Scott - March 09, 2007

A handful of LSU players have taken the Participating Team reserved seats in the endzone and Big Baby, Glen Davis, is among the Tigers. He is wearing a purple sleeveless top and purple sweats and the image of Barney is coming to mind, but we didn't say that. Wasn't us.

He just took a picture with a gentleman in a wheel chair and flashed his million-dollar smile. He also signed an autograph for a young man who might be a Big Baby in the making. He is signing several other autographs as well and a videograopher is shooting BB sitting there, chewing his gum. That should make for some rivetting TV. What am I talking about? I'm live blogging the damn guy.

. . . Under fifteen minutes to go in the one and the only question is whether Georgia will finish at over 30 percent shooting for the game (they're at 26 percent currently).

Posted by David Scott at 08:56 PM on March 09, 2007

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