SEC: Gator Haters Are All Wet

By David Scott - March 10, 2007

If last night's win over admittedly weak Georgia didn't convince people that Florida is back on track, then maybe today's domination of the feisty Rebels will. Or certainly tomorrow's game against Arkansas, which is playing superb ball right now, will be enough to let people know the Gators are not just good, they're great. (You can expect another 10-15 point rout over the Razorbacks.)

Or maybe it will take a four game romp through the first two weekends of the NCAA Tournament to quell the doubters who only want to point out the Vandy and LSU losses.

Whatver it takes, we're pretty sure Florida is going to do it and we're further convinced that the Gators and their faithful will be back in this city, back in this building and back in the business of the Final Four come three weeks from now.

Oh, as for this one, the Gators lead 45-32 with 15:30 left in the game.

. . . BAM! - our first one of the second half, came at just over 17:00 and cut the Gator lead to 14.

Posted by David Scott at 04:45 PM on March 10, 2007

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