SEC: Getting Less Ugly

By David Scott - March 08, 2007

Alabama has bumped its shooting percentage up to 50 percent (6 of 12), while the Wildcats are a miserable 3 of 15 to start. The Tide leads 16-8 with 10:24 left in the half.

. . . 'Bama is carshing the glass with reckless abandon and through 8-plus minutes of action the Tide hold a 13-5 boarding lead.

. . . First monster dunk of the game came from Bama's Alonzo Gee to give the Tide a 12-8 lead. Gee has seven points early on.

. . . A timeout game was played on the big screen where fans are asked to follow the SEC logo placed in a Blackjack phone and then text their answer to a certain number. It's the "Blackjack Shuffle from Cingular, the new AT&T." Marketing at its finest.

Posted by David Scott at 01:28 PM on March 08, 2007

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