SEC: Hogs Ahead at Half

By David Scott - March 09, 2007

Arkansas leads 33-29 at the break in a pretty evenly played first half.

Derrick Byars leads Vandy with 10 points and four assists while Charles Thomas is pacing the Hogs with nine points. Sonny Weems has six of the Hogs' 21 rebounds (to 15 for Vandy).

. . . Kevin Stallings has been T'ed up and then had an extended conversation with crew cheif Tom Lopes. Both free thows were no good on the T.

. . . A lunatic fan in the Arkansas section has taken off his sleeveless flannel and his jumping around hooting and hollering in the Hog section opposite their bench. He is in cut off jeans as well and his belly belies his affection for hops-based beverages. He laso had long dread locks, but we believe they were attached to his hat and were fake. the cut off clothing was very real, however. Picture a fat, pale version of Daisy Duke (Jesscia Simpson version) and you're just about getting the visual.

I tend to think he's lodging at my (revolting) hotel where the rotary phones are still found in some rooms we think.

. . . Our sneaker battle is between adidas (Arkansas) and Nike (Vandy).

. . . Mississippi State coach Rick Stansbury just appeared on press row with two of his boys in tow toting some popcorn and wearing the smiles of victors.

Posted by David Scott at 04:42 PM on March 09, 2007
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David, that guy is known as Bubba Hog...who does that every home game. He's crazy, and it's 50/50 with Hog fans...they either love him and laugh or really get disgusted by him.

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