SEC: Hogs Can Dance

By David Scott - March 09, 2007

The late running first game is going to cut into the between game time after the conclusion of this one and the start of the opener to the nightcap. That also means we're not going to get in nap time, which we had scheduled after learning from yesterday's marathon that a good snooze would go a long way.

. . . Our dance team battle is an N.C. (No Contest) as the Razorback dancers have put themselves in the running for Team of the Weekend. They even use props in their routine (basketballs). They also seem to lead the league blonde-haired team members. They all wear Hog shirts with the No. 13, but there's nothing unlucky about watching these ladies.

No offense of course to the Vandy dancers who are quite flexible themselves, but they're performing in the least revealing dance costumes ever. They look like a group of lost house painters in thier white dress shirts and matching knee-length shorts. Even when they threw off the white tops, there was still white t-shirts on underneath.

We're not saying that you gotta show skin to compete in our dance team finals, but it wouldn't hurt.

Posted by David Scott at 04:56 PM on March 09, 2007

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