SEC: Rebs Still In Control

By David Scott - March 09, 2007

With 15:38 left in the game, Ole Mis now leads 42-25. LSU's Tasmin Mitchell has matched his first half output with six points in the first 4:32 and has all but two of the Tigers' second half points.

. . . LSU coach John Brady came out of the locker room very late in halftime as the clock ticked under a minute. he walked slowly, deliberately and looked like he was ready to wrestle an alligator. He may have been breathing fire but we can't be sure.

. . . Neubie, Jean Neuberger, will be happy to know that I have procured some Golden Flake Hot chips and not only are thin and crispy as promised, they're also quite spicy. These things would be wonderful on a tuna sandwich.

We actually might be breathing fire right now after our 1 oz. bag of the South's Original Potato Chip.

. . . For those of you inclined to peek ahead, Ole Miss lost to Florida on Jan. 20 but came back from a 25 point deficit to cut the Gator lead to seven before eventually falling by nine. The Ole Miss 1-2-1-1 corner trap, accoridng to the outstanding Orlando Sentinel writer Dave Curtis, was very effective during the comeback.

Posted by David Scott at 11:22 PM on March 09, 2007
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There ya go Scotty...those hot chips def. live up to their name.

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