SEC: Semifinals Saturday

By David Scott - March 10, 2007

ATLANTA - Welcome back the Georgia Dome for Semifinal Saturday of the 2007 SEC Tournament. Both teams - Arkansas and Mississippi State have concluded preliminary stretching and light shooting and we're about 30 minutes from tip.

A very cute scene played out when the State team took the floor with Coach Rick Stansbury's three boys - Isaac (seven years old), Noah (four) and Luke (two) - leading the Bulldogs onto the floor. Their mom, Meo, watched from the baseline as the little boys mingled with the bigger boys (strecthed a bit) and then she chased young Luke around. Meo toted a pillow with her, which we asked if we could borrow and she instead offered the Mississippi State blanket she was also carrying. She didn't realize we were serious!

We're not trying to get soft on you here, but this is what it's all about. In 30 minutes the Bulldogs and Razorbacks will compete for, in all likelihood, a spot in the NCAA Tournament and all the financial windfall that can create for a school. But in the end, they're all just little boys trying to please their moms. (Cue violins.)

. . . Neither teams game notes are posted at their respective websites, but if you head over to each you can get plenty of the vitals.

. . . The game's officials will be crew chief Tom Lopes, Rick Crawford, Doug Shows and substitute Tom Eades. this means that "TV" Ted Valentine will likely work the second game. We can hardly wait.

. . .Probable starters look like this:

For State, Richard Delk, Dietric Slater, Charles Rhodes, Reginald Delk and Friday's hero Jamont Gordon.

For Arkansas, Charles Thomas, Sonny Weems, Steven Hill, Gary Ervin and Friday's hero, Patrick Beverley.

Beverley, form Chicago, is the lone freshman of the ten with five juniors, three sophomores and one senior (Slater) among the 10.

Posted by David Scott at 12:20 PM on March 10, 2007

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