SEC: Tip of Ole Miss and Florida

By David Scott - March 10, 2007

We're ready to go here and our officials are crew chief "TV" Teddy Valentine, Joe Lindsay, Anthony Jordan and substitute official Antinio Perry.

Florida beat Ole Miss in their eralier meeting this year but Ole Miss was able to erase a 25-point deficit (for the most part), we asked Andy Kennedy about after last night's game. Here's his repsonse, courtesy of our friends at

Q. Coach for those of us that didn't see it, how did you come back against Florida in that last game? I guess you were down by 25.

ANDY KENNEDY: I think it was a couple of things. Florida played exceptionally well and had us on our heels. We kept attacking. And I'm not foolish, human nature, you're up 25, you lose a little bit of your edge, we made some shots and got some turnovers. It put us in a position, if memory serves, the game was at 7:00, and we had a steal and a three about two minutes to play, which would have cut it to four, which maybe could have made it interesting. We didn't execute the play, we didn't make the shot. And they kept it in that eight- or nine-point range. But our kids fought, and we used it as a springboard, as Todd said, to say hey, man, we've had so much respect for Billy and their program. And I really believe they're the best team in the country, and I think they're going to show people that over the next three weeks. For us to be able to battle and put ourselves in that position, I think made these kids believe, and belief is a strong thing.

Q. It was a 1-2-1-1 press?
ANDY KENNEDY: We did a little bit of everything. I can't give you all my secrets. We pressed. We had a football player in there. And we pressed him and tackled a little bit. We worked for a few minutes.

Posted by David Scott at 03:33 PM on March 10, 2007

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