Selection Show: Autumn and March Madness

By David Scott - March 11, 2007

Our hoops-loving hostess, Autumn, is trying to arrange a seat for us in the "300s" section of "Jocks and Jills" so that we will be able to have closed-captioning - if not volume - for the CBS Selection show. Now we know why Autumn is always our favorite time of year.

. . . It was wonderful to be watching Greg Oden on one screen and Kevin Durant on the other as both the BIg Ten and Big 12 finals wound down. It almost looked like the Texas-Kansas final would run into the selection show, but we're thinking we're in the clear now that Kansas has assumed control and finished off the Longhorns.

. . . Some SEC leftovers as promised:

The two most impressive coaches of the weekend were Andy Kennedy of Ole Miss and Stan Heath of Arkansas. Kennedy for the fact that he's taken a fairly ragtag bunch of leftovers from the previous regime and formed them into contenders in the SEC West in very short time. If the recruiting is going as well as we've been told, the Rebs are going to be pre-season picks to win the West and possibly de-throne Florida.

Heath, who also has a very solid returning nucleus, was impressive for the fact that he was enduring the whispers of a coach on the hot seat for the entire Tourney. He deflected that attention, focused on his team and got his Hogs to play some of their best ball of the season when they needed it most.

Heath and the Hogs will be mid-air when the bids are announced but he admitted he's prepared to break FAA regulations in the interest of getting some Bracketanica info: "Obviously, we'll be in the air, and thinking, and scratching our heads, praying and hoping, the whole thing. You know, there is nothing guaranteed in life. We feel we have exceptionally strong arguments to be an at large selection. Our league is, I think, the best in the country, but worst case scenario, it's second. And to penalize ourselves because we beat up on each other, because we have quality opponents from top to bottom, I just don't think would be right. You know, there are so many other leagues you can play in, and boy, it's almost hard if you didn't get five wins, because there are three teams at the bottom that are not very good, and that's not the case in our league.

"It's going to be hard being up in the air. I'm going to have my cell phone, they're going to be mad at me, but my cell phone's going to be trying to get some information while we're in the air."

. . . Our girl Autumn has come through so we're closing out of the Jeremy table and moving over to the 300s section where we'll be able to have some closed-captioning available. Let's hope we don;t lose our wireless connection.

Posted by David Scott at 05:46 PM on March 11, 2007

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