Selection Show: Jocks and Jills and Brackets

By David Scott - March 11, 2007

Now we're getting comfy at the new spot which Autumn has put us in. The J&J manager, John, came over to welcome us with open arms and was even good enough to give us some volume on the little TV behind us. This better than being in the CBS Control room. (And they probably aren't sipping - cautiously, of course, Boss - the chilly Killians Red, like we are.

. . . Greg Gumbel just gave us the five minute warning, so it's almost showtime.

. . . John Calipari is once again opening his house to the CBS cameras. In our days back at UMass, we were part of the Calipari Selection Sunday celebration (at a slightly smaller pad) and he has always appreciated the importance of getting those cameras into his living room in order to promote his program. It always shows what a tight family he has, not just a team.

It's a big joke among the neighbors wherever Calipari lives as the satellite trucks roll up onto the lawn and start beaming the coach and his players to the nation.

. . . There's a Gary Walters (Selection chair) teleconference at 7 p.m. (EST) and we're thinking it might me improper to have J&J background noise when we ask why so-and-so isn;t in the field.

. . .Here we go. . .

Posted by David Scott at 05:59 PM on March 11, 2007

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