Spokane: Alley-oop

By Lindsay Schnell - March 16, 2007

Brooks just threw a sick alley-oop to Luenen, who jamed it down for an 18-9 Oregon lead. Everyone could see it coming, too: it was a 2-on-2 break, Luenen pointed his finger toward the basket and Brooks lofted a pass up there. Taylor just jammed on, too, off an inbounds pass. 20-zip run for the Ducks. Miami called a timeout, but Oregon shows no signs of slowing down. Taylor came out of the huddle with a huge smile on his face.

20-9 with 7:54 to go.

So, interesting fact about Kent and his family: Kent's son, Jordan, was a three-sport athlete at UO, playing football (which he had never played in high school), basketball and running on the track team. He's focusing on just football now, getting ready for the NFL. Kent's other son, Marcus, used to be the manager on the basketball team and Kent's youngest, a daughter MacKenzie, is on the Oregon dance team. Talk about a family affair.

Posted by Lindsay Schnell at 05:21 PM on March 16, 2007

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