Spokane: Ducks' pond

By Lindsay Schnell - March 16, 2007

I'm willing to bet (say, five dollars, because remember, I'm a poor college kid) that Oregon brought the most fans up here. There's a lot of green and yellow around this arena. At the very least, I'm sure they brought the most students. It's only about an eight hour drive from Eugene to Spokane, and roadtrips are fun. Also, there's this: Oregon's new AD, John Kilkeny -- who has VERY deep pockets -- bought tickets and chartered a bus for 55 UO students to come watch. Nice guy, eh?

Oregon's running a 2-3 zone to compensate for lack of size, but Miami has pretty much figured out how to get shots against it. They're overloading one side and taking the weakside post to set a screen on the low forward. Then they skip the ball over and the forward can't get to it. This results in an open shot, but Miami needs to knock it down. Oregon, on the other hand, needs to stay on top of that post so they won't get beat back door but can also get to that skip pass.

Ducks lead 10-9 with 11:30 to play.

Nevada and Creighton to OT?! Eric, I'm jealous!

Posted by Lindsay Schnell at 05:13 PM on March 16, 2007

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