Spokane: Hariston has answer

By Lindsay Schnell - March 18, 2007

Oregon's Malik Hariston drove the lane, took a shot and missed and looked ticked when they didn't call a foul. So he responded by stealing the ball and dunking on the other end. Then Brooks made a nice drive and got the foul.

Martin is 2-for-3 from the arc though and that -- along with constant hustle from all the Eagles -- is keeping Winthrop in this game even though the Ducks are starting to heat up a bit.

Oregon just played great defense to force a shot clock violation on the Eagles and it brought every Duck fan to their feet.

Okay, I have to hand it to the Winthrop band, they are pretty clever. All of the band members have little duck faces on sticks with tears running down the ducks' cheeks. They wave them at Oregon players during free throws.

Tied at 17 with 10:57 left ... is it too early to predict OT?

Posted by Lindsay Schnell at 03:02 PM on March 18, 2007

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